Job Posting Optimization and Best Practices

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 11/08/2016 in Recruiting articles |

The first thing potential job seekers see is the job title.  It is the job titles that come up when searches are done on company job boards and more importantly on career sites (like Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.).  So to stand out and get the best from those pools of talent, it is vitally important to […]

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The Quickest Way for Recruiters to Shame Their Company

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 06/07/2016 in Recruiting articles |

I know we all have a job to do…for recruiters it is finding people for our open positions.  I know it is not an easy job to do at times, but we need to do it in such a way as not shame our companies. For example, before you reach out to a potential candidate […]

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What is Gravitational Recruiting?

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 04/19/2016 in Recruiting articles |

I think we need to put more thought into trying to create Gravitational Recruiting.  That is, recruiting that pulls in applicants (active and passive) like matter in space to the Earth or the Sun. Currently, we have more of a mindset of just get something out there to be seen.  As if, someone just seeing […]

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Who Else Wants to Attract Passive Candidates with Job Posts?

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 02/03/2016 in Recruiting articles |

I have been told many times over the years that recruiting is a sales/marketing position; and yet, we don’t follow the basic 101 principle of selling the benefits, not the features (when it comes to our sales letters/marketing collateral…primarily seen by our job posts, but also our emails, social media, etc. etc.). Said another way, […]

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A Plea to Recruiters to Send Relevant Jobs to Candidates

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 01/19/2016 in Recruiting articles |

I know we are busy (as recruiters) and are pulled in multiple directions trying to help all our hiring managers.  Perhaps we have too many open jobs on our plates.  Perhaps it is just laziness.  Perhaps we don’t care who we irritate and annoy.  Perhaps it is just ignorance.  Not sure, but what I can […]

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What is Wrong With So Many LinkedIn InMails

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 11/19/2015 in Recruiting articles |

I was carefully reading Steven Lowisz’s report, “Real Recruiter InMails to Fictional Passive Candidate on LinkedIn.”  It was a two year study of LinkedIn InMails sent to a fictional Java developer.  I recommend reading it thoroughly. What I did see was that we are far too impersonal, lazy, demanding, and self-centered in our initial messages […]

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Creating Job Descriptions That Show Meaningful Work

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 10/22/2015 in Personal / About Me, Recruiting articles |

People tend to underestimate and undervalue the power of meaning in work.  People don’t understand the magnitude of the importance of meaningful work. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presented two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes toward meaning in our work in a Ted Talk he gave at TEDxRiodelaPlata.  His experiments didn’t even […]

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How to Make Recruiting Content That Really Works

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 09/04/2015 in Recruiting articles |

Recently, I read an article by James Ellis called “Moneyball Recruiting: Winning a Rigged Game.”  It is a very good article that says the recruiting game could be won through content. He also said the first five pieces of recruiting content published should be:  Why I Love This Company, written (not ghostwritten) by the owner/CEO […]

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