Will A/B Testing Be the Next Big Thing in Recruiting?

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 04/25/2017 in NeoRecruiting Talks |

At the end of last year, ERE published an article called “9 Talent-acquisition Trends to Watch for in 2017.”  I was excited to see one of the bullet points was as follows: A/B testing will become a critical factor in the battle for talent. Do fewer candidates drop off during the application process if you […]

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Is There a Better Way Than Resume Review?

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 01/27/2017 in Recruiting articles |

I recently watched “Why hiring is broken” by Kate Glazebrook from TEDxGoodenoughCollege.  Yet another person saying resumes are broken (which is true), but this time with research to back it up.  They don’t really do a good job predicting performance and they allow biases to creep in. What good is a resume really?  As a […]

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Measuring Quality of Hire in Recruiting

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 12/21/2016 in Recruiting articles |

Per the Global Recruiting Trends 2017 by LinkedIn, in the top 3 of recruiting metrics we see “length of stay” and “hiring manager satisfaction.”  Both of these point towards quality of hire.  Another main recruiting metric is “time to fill,” but this metric is about recruiting efficiency and not quality of hire. “Length of stay” […]

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Raising the Bar the Moneyball Way

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 09/21/2016 in Recruiting articles |

I was recently rewatching the movie “Moneyball” and this movie often makes me think and rethink about the way we recruit. If you need a quick refresher, it comes down to the Oakland A’s had their best players hired away for more money than they could afford.  So big teams with big budgets would hire […]

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It’s Time to Test Your Application Process

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/24/2016 in Recruiting articles |

I won’t be talking about usability, time needed to complete the application, or many other very important topics.  Today I want to focus on a specific test.  A test I think that should be done routinely and regularly. Either a recruiter from a different area, the Recruiting Manager, or even someone in HR should ask […]

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The Systemic Problem in Recruiting Top Performers

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/12/2016 in Recruiting articles |

How many times have you heard one of the following statements from hiring managers? “I want top performers.” “I want to hire a star.” “I am looking for an A-player.” And then very shortly later hearing something along the lines of the following: “I am looking for someone who has been there and done that.” […]

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The key to success? Grit – by Angela Lee Duckworth

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 10/26/2015 in Personal / About Me |

An interesting Ted Talk about what one psychologist says is a strong predictor of success. Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a job teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. […]

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Measuring Quality of Hire – Part Two

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/27/2015 in Recruiting articles |

In a prior article, “The Minimum Requirement for Improving Quality of Hire,” I spoke about the need for determining quality of hire and shared an idea for a short survey to send to the hiring managers. Well this is really only half the story, because how well we did as a recruiter is not only […]

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The Minimum Requirement for Improving Quality of Hire

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/11/2015 in Recruiting articles |

Skipping all suspense, I will just say that the minimum requirement for improving quality of hire is that the quality of the hire is measured. As Peter Drucker said, If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Well, duh (some of you might be thinking).  I know…it seems obvious.  However, do you get any […]

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