Often Recruiters Can Never Truly Be a Partner

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 02/16/2017 in Recruiting articles |

I have been a recruiter for a long time and spoken with a lot of my peers about this.  In the end, I think Human Resources/Talent Acquisition has messed up the possibility of being partners to many hiring managers.  We keep saying hiring managers are our primary customers.  There is a difference between customers and […]

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Is There a Better Way Than Resume Review?

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 01/27/2017 in Recruiting articles |

I recently watched “Why hiring is broken” by Kate Glazebrook from TEDxGoodenoughCollege.  Yet another person saying resumes are broken (which is true), but this time with research to back it up.  They don’t really do a good job predicting performance and they allow biases to creep in. What good is a resume really?  As a […]

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The future of work by Heiko Fischer

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 09/13/2015 in Personal / About Me |

Today I watched a great TED Talk by Heiko Fischer about the future of work (the way from human resources to resourceful humans).  His main message is “people are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.”  He talked about several things, but some of the ideas that stuck out for me were about […]

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The happy secret to better work

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/17/2015 in Personal / About Me |

Another TED Talk I recently watched, this time by Shawn Achor – a very funny guy. Focus and celebrate on the wins/successes and positives. 75% of job success are predicted by your optimism levels, your social support, and ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat.  We need to keep optimism high […]

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Why good leaders make you feel safe

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/13/2015 in Personal / About Me |

Here is another TED Talk that I would like to share that I watched recently… I really loved this talk.  It relates to employee engagement, cooperation, and commitment in a very profound way…and how the leader sets the tone within the group. If you are a manager, director, or executive…are you and those above or […]

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Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work

Posted by Eric Putkonen on 08/08/2015 in Personal / About Me |

I was watching TED Talks this morning and saw this one today and found it very interesting. Groups whose members scored higher on the “Reading the Mind in the Eye” test did better as a group (because they aware of each others’ emotions more). I found two tests online (that appeared to be a little […]

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